Ascot Grounds

UK's Most Exclusive Hi-Fi Show

More exhibitors, more events, at the UK's most iconic venue!

The UK's longest-running premier high-end audio show moved to a new venue in 2019 – the Ascot Grandstand. The birthplace of horse racing, established in 1711 by Queen Anne, and home to Royal Ascot every June, this prestigious building offers an even greater range of beautifully-appointed spaces and event opportunities to showcase the world's finest hi-fi.

Show Organiser, Editorial Director of AVTech Media and President of EISA, Paul Miller commented on the Show's success in 2019: “Moving from the traditional hotel-based environment to the stunning architecture of the Ascot Grandstand gave us all the opportunity to raise our game with bigger rooms, superior acoustic isolation and a dedicated AC supply. Clearly inspired by this venue, our exhibitors created a series of compelling displays and demonstrations, featuring not only the best audio equipment but also the most experienced designers and brand ambassadors. Similarly, our vinyl, reel-to-reel and digital audio workshops, hosted by the most well known journalists and presenters from the UK, Germany and the USA, were packed to overflowing in every session.

“For 2023 we are returning with more high-end audio thrills, more seminars and workshops, an LP fair and expanded Panoramic Headphone Zone. We have also significantly upgraded our food and beverage offering with hot and cold selections, fast food and hot drinks available from multiple franchises, plus sit-down meals in the Horseshoe Restaurant and a bar open all day. This prestige audio and luxury lifestyle experience has become the UK event for leading audio brands to be seen and heard!”

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